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ACP Classic Tour


Only oranised when there are enough participants.


The ACP Classic Tour 2011 is a regularitycontest for old-timers.
Each driver has to drive 250 (novice-class) or 480 (classic) kilometers on a paved road. The average speed, unlike other road races should never exceed 50 km / h.
On Sunday, the concours d’élégance, the old-timers are inspected by a professional jury.

In the afternoon the nicest old-timer of West Flanders will be chosen.




from 08.30u.: arrival old-timers in the Meeuwenlaan, Westende
12.30u.: Start ACP Classic Tour 2010


In the morning: arrival race at the church of Westende

10.00u.: arrival old-timers for Concours d'Elegance in the Meeuwenlaan
11.30u.: tour of oldtimers: Westende - Middelkerke - Westende
15.00u.: Proclamation of the nicest old-timer of West Flanders.




Philippe Barremaecker,
Hertogenstraat 51,
8200 Brugge

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