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from April till Juin



In general, these events will return every year. Nevertheless it is possible that the organizing team, like the tourist service of Middelkerke, the counsel of SME of Middelkerke will make some modifications. We are not responsible for the correctness of the information given on our site. We tried to mention as much as possible the responsable person for each event, so you could contact him in case of questions.

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Tour for motorcycles (100 km along the coast)

23 April 2016


Walraversyde: heritage day

Military rituals from the Second World War till today

Rituals in the medieval fishing village of Walraversijde

24 April 2016



16 May 2016 (each year on Pentecost Monday)


Normandparc festival

29 May 2016


Ostend at anchor

(8km from Middelkerke)

26-29 May 2016

Tour for motorcycles (130 km along the polders)

5 June 2016

Fish weekend

11-12 June 2016


Beer weekend

18-18-19 June 2016



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Not only the events are pleasant, you also can enjoy the beach.