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Saint Valentine


13 - 15 February 2015





Restaurants serve delicious dinners by candlelight
You can find a list with the restaurants click here.




‘Boulevard of Love’

This year we change the shopping streets of Westende-bad and Middelkerke in a big Boulevard of Love.
You will find love poems and other sensuous love poems in all forms and expressions. With a bit of luck, a poet will recite a personal piece of poetry for you.  Various theather acts will color the Boulevard. Being in love is heavenly and heaven will land in Middelkerke or Westende that day.
The Boulevard of Love takes place in the streets of Westende-Bad on Saturday and Sunday in the streets of Middelkerke.


Decoration on the sea dike.


The whole sea dike will be decorated with heart balloons.  









This weekend is also cyclocross organised.

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