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agricultural weekend


20 till 21 September 2014


During one weekend, our seafront is dominated by agriculture again. Thanks to the assistance of motivated people we can offer again a agricultural weekend with some innovations to our residents and visitors.

The objective is to present the modern farming life in an attractive and spontaneous way.
The educational component is therefore heavily upgraded with new information boards that explain the various agricultural tools. The merchants from the beachfront were prepared to cooperate on a quest that will captivate children and parents.

Again this year there is a charity action for “Kom op tegen Kanker “ (“Stand up against cancer”). It was well covered in the media that the farmers’ life is hard, but nevertheless they keep the heart on the right place, as proven by their pudding action. The whole weekend they will prepare fresh pudding and sell it in the benefit of the cancer action.

The whole weekend the agricultural sector presents itself. Please visit us and discover the true farmer’s life, from shearing sheep to milking cows or even putting together a nutritional diet tot the processing of honey. In various restaurants you can get to know better some fresh agricultural products.


The restaurants from our municipality present for this occasion a special menu. We hope to welcome you one of these days.