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The annual highlight of Middelkerke: The comic festival


15 till 26 July 2016


Thema in 2016: Lucky Luc


Each year Middelkerke invites every day many artists and writers in the festival tent on the Edward De Greefplein;
Several cartoon characters are present in a lifelike image. There are thousands of comic books for sale and the artists are happy to sign your purchased copies.





Every year there stands another comic artist or cartoon character in the spotlight.

In 2008 it was Urbanus.





All photos from Roy Vergé - Oostende



Urbanus was signing with a smile in the sweltering tent, entertaining with funny sketches he pulled smoothly from his pen.

Each year at the Gala of the comic festival a Golden Pencil is awarded. Among others Marc Sleen, Merho, Paul Geerts Claus Scholz won already this price.

Each year a new comic statue is inaugurated.


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Info: Arsène Henon

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