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Fish weekend


11-12 June 2016


It is no longer possible to imagine our seaside resort without Fish Weekend in Middelkerke-Westende.
Year after year, this event invites people to try and taste all the good things the sea has to offer. Fish, fish and even more fish... delicious!


Photos: Roy Vergé Oostende




In addition, you can see numerous professionals at work. The following old crafts will certainly be on display: ornamental forging, net knitting, wood sculpting, spinning, straw plaiting, chair mending, leather processing, tin casting, ...

Take the free retro tram and be moved by the music, enjoy the colorful animation and admire the old fishing crafts in appropriate fisher’s clothing.

Er rijden zowel gesloten trams, als open trams bij zonnig weer. Hieronder genoten de burgemeester van Middelkerke samen met een aantal politici van de prachtige dag.



Photos: Mario De Clerq Middelkerke


Learn about the sea during a beach walk with a nature guide and on this weekend you can also enjoy a colourful spectacle in the sky. Kites from different countries can be seen on the beach near Rauschenberghplein square. Enjoy the colorful kites in the sky of Westende.



Photos: Roy Vergé Oostende


you tube: Kite contest during the fish weekend

These are already the standard ingredients of the weekend. And fish of course!
In almost all restaurants is fish on the menu, from simple snacks to gourmet delights. So many reasons to make it into a fun weekend in Middelkerke and Westende.