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Sparkling wine at sea


15-17 August 2014.



Bubbles at the sea tries to immerse the visitors during three days in the festive atmosphere of sparkling wines.

Wine journalist Alain bloeykens fully supports sparkling wines : “The Belgians love it”, says Alain. “If you take a look at the current consumption patterns you can see it immediately. No country in the world drinks more sparkling wines than we do. « Last  year we opened up 55 million bottles of bubbles, an absolute record ». We are the unofficial champions of the world to drink sparkling wines.

Cava seems the favorite, and champagne takes the second place. The Italian prosecco completes the stage.   Middelkerke remains attached to the champagne weekend in November and this event will be a logical extension of it. A weekend full of an extensive range of sparkling wines, but no champagne. This  will be reserved for the champagne weekend where the connoisseurs will be indulged with exquisite brands of cava, prosecco, sekt and South African Vonkelwijn.

The location of this event will be special.  "On the Epernay square we set up a huge tent to enjoy a drink  overlooking the sea. The tasting will be provided by the hotelschool "Ter Duinen" in Koksijde.

The program starts on Friday evening at 6:00 p.m. with jazz music. On Saturday there will be a "Loung Bubbelparty" from 7PM hours.
After 11M  hours there is a party of the baywatch. Sunday there is the opportunity to enjoy an aperitif while a string orchestra and piano will be playing at 11AM





“Bubbles at the sea” is free. You would like to enjoy a glass or bottle after this event? No problem, at the entrance you can buy a glass (2 euros) to take home. The price of the wine, glass or bottle depends on the participants.



Information: Tourist office tel: 059/30 03 68   


and further... It has become a tradition, in November, to open the doors of the casino for a huge three-day champagne tasting click here for information