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The beach





Some nice sunbathing, a beach walk, beachfun, or watersports activities. The well-maintained white sandbeaches of Middelkerke have lots to offer.
The beaches, with showers to wash off the salty sea water, are cleaned every day. Moreover the coastguard keep a close eye on your safety by warning people for strong currents and unfavourable winds. On the breakers you can exercise all sorts of watersports. Besides having a swim or floating on a lilo you can also go surfing, kayaking, rafting, etc.
The main advantage of this Northsea beach is that there is a gradual sloping of the seabed whereas on other beaches on the Mediterranian it gets deep abruptly.
Therefore it’s a lot safer for the people here and especially for the children. During the highseason the municipal sports department organises activities on a daily basis for all ages. Most of the time free of charge.
On the white beaches of the Northsea you can practise blokart, flyboarding, wakeboarding, kitebuggying, etc.
The low season is maybe more suitable for these sports because there is more wind and it is less crowded.

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Excellent facilities contribute to the comfort and therefor the holiday pleasure of the guests. Everything starts off with accesible beach crossings and carparks. The availability of public showers and restrooms, beach cabins and litterboxes. Then there are the lifeguards and the rescueservices, who watch over the guests’ well-being and safety (16 supervised areas). Also there is a first aid post nearby. Especially for children there are orientation poles: tall masts with recognizable figures like a banana, a train, etc.
Baywatches distribute free bracelets for children depicting similar figures on which you can write down your telephone number in case a child gets lost.


The possibility to rent beach chairs, windshields and parasols offers extra comfort for our ‘spoiled’bathing guests. . Click here for information



Finally the many pavillions on the boulevard take care of the catering: drinks, luncheons and dinners are available in abundance.