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Sports and animation by the municipal services


Are you in for some challenge and adventure ? Then this outdoorprogramme is just what you are looking for. Supervised by sportsanimators you can enjoy the following sports on the 2 sportsbeaches : joggin, fitnessgym, beach volleyball, raftin, seakayaking, deathride, golfing, beachsoccer, obstaclerace. Everyday in July and August there is Sports at Sea (from 10.00 till 17.00 except on Sundays). Most of these activities are free of charge for adults as well as children organized per age group. There is daily surveillance from the lifeguard brigade of Middelkerke. For more information you can contact the Sportdienst (sports service), 059-31 99 50



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Sport on your own occasion or in a club.









Gloednieuw clubhuis van de surfclub in Westende: Sint-Laureinsstrand, locatie voor diverse cursussen, huren van materiaal, gebruik van douches en mooie terassen met zicht op zee en drankgelenheid binnen.


Sporten en materiaal als: golfsurfen, zeekayak en zeeraften, standing-up-paddleboards, zeilwagenrijden, kiten, kitebuggy, kitelandboarden (niet kitesurfen). Uiteraard worden ook wetsuits en reddingsvesten ter beschikking gesteld.

Cursussen worden zowel als privéles gegeven als in groep.

Voor de groepslessen en sportkampen wordt vnl. beroep gedaan op the-outsider-coast.

surfclub vvw Westende - Koning Ridderdijk 100 - Sint Laureinsstrand - 8434 Westende

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the-outsider-coast - Brugsevaart 50 - 8620 Nieuwpoort

tel: 058/23.14.04 en GSM: 0475/458.458

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KSS KITESURFSCHOOL - Katrien Vandekerckhove - Tel: +32(0) 476 702751











Summer is over, the beach is empty again, time for blokarting.  Enjoy the sparkling sea and the beach. Blokarting, also known as sand yachting is a new hype in the active outdoor sports and events industry. For company outings and bachelor parties, this is truly a blast! In a sailing vehicle with three wheels you can ride on the beach and reach a speed to about 50 km per hour! Blokart sailing is a challenging sport that it is fast to learn and also very safe to do.
During a brief initiation the monitors will explain the control methods, the  impact of the wind and the safety prescriptions. Then they take you into the kart to feel the sensation of the power of the wind and to surf along the beach.
All you need is warm clothing, gloves and a healthy dose of sportiness.
Blokarts are highly maneuverable and compact. The size of the sail is adjusted according to the power of the wind. A blokart sailing is like a car but is lighter in construction making them easier to steer. Because of its maneuverability, minimum weight and various sizes, the blokart stakes in more places and works in a larger number of wind strengths.



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film about blokarting at the beach between Oostende and Middelkerke








    It is possible to rent a fishing boat for a whole day to go fishing on the sea. Naturally you can fish on the breakwater too, the beach or the jetty and harbourchannel in Ostend or Nieuwpoort.
The shrimp fishing is also sometimes traditionnally done by horse or trawl.



For information about shrimp fishing, fishing competitions in Middelkerke and the tides of the sea consult the fishing clubs.

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