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Municipal sportshall De Branding


Populierenlaan 35

8430 Middelkerke

059/31 95 53

individual: Tabletennis, tennis, basketball, indoor soccer, volleybal
+ several clubs







Do you like a sports holiday? No Problem! The sports service offers an activity program during the summer months July and August for everyone.

In the morning you can go jogging under surveillance and bodyfit.Of course you can play football and volleyball without committing yourself in any way.
In the afternoon you can participate in tournaments, like beachvolleyball, beachsoccer and beachtennis


From time to time they organize an activity for the youngest kids. Also for senior visitors, there are daily activities.



The municipal pool

25-meterpool, toddlerpool and a big slide|
You can swim on your own, or try the aperitifswimming, sauna, bubblebath, hotwaterbaths, hotwaterswimming, champagne dive, visit of the easter bunny or the valentine’s weekend.


Zwembad ‘Het Duinenbad’
Populierenlaan 20 (Marktplein), Middelkerke
059/30 17 78









Skiing at the coast? In Middelkerke it is not an unusual thing to do. In the TopFit centre indoorskiing is the normal thing to do. However, the idea is very special: you are skiing on an upward moving conveyor belt covered with artificial grass.  As the belt moves upwards you remain more or less at the same level, if you use the right technique. Underneath the track there is a bar for beginners to hold on to. 

Isabel and Dominik teach all the necessary techniques.  If you look straight ahead into a massive mirror, you can see what sort of image you are creating.  Then nobody else has to tell you. The speed of the belt is controllable, with a top speed of 40 kilometres per hour.  If you fall down, the monitor stops the belt at once.  They assure you here that falling down doesn't hurt, because the belt is fitted with a soft 'fall-friendly' top layer.










Biezenstraat 22, 8430 Middelkerke tel 059/30.44.41

In het shoppingcenter from Middelkerke

Here you can also do the following activities: snowboarding, sleighgliding and playing squash.



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Westendelaan 98, Middelkerke

tel: +32(0)59-313072

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This unique golf course attracts both young and old.
Explore the blacklight area with theme bowling, and the interactive part of Formula 1.